Wednesday, October 25, 2006

News Anyone!!!

So, as related in Life is Funny on the Cringe, our Washer has been out of commission. The repair guys got here today (nearly a week and a half later), and had all the parts and stuff and they were doing all their repair duties and one of them goes, "Wait a minute. I don't think the parts are the problem here." I, in amazement and wonder, replied in the most dignified manner I could, "huh?" Basically the frame is bent, and they said that it would be cheaper on the store I got it from to replace the washer than to pay the warranty repair on it. And they wrote this down on the slip they gave me for it too. So I call up the store and go through the whole shebang of getting the washer replaced, then they go and tell me that they need me, "Since it was a pick-up order, bring in the broken washer and then they will replace it with a new one." So, I, being the suave and sophisticated negotiator that I am, replied, "huh?" I proceeded to tell her that it was their fault that the washer was sold to me broken and asked why I had to pay for delivery or have to lug around a washer to their store and then lug the new one back to my house, on something that they sold defective. So with the free delivery of the new washer when they get some in, we will now, finally have a new washer... eventually.

Monday, October 23, 2006

My wife is a hero!!!!

A Guitar Hero that is. We broke down and got it and it is pretty sweet.
Rachel is all over it. She's like the Clapton of virtual guitar.
I on the other hand could use some practice.
Here are some pics.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Change of plans

I was going to go take a nap a few minutes ago, but decided to post something here instead. So... Something.

Monday, October 16, 2006


How do you guys do links and stuff and get rid of them and stuff on your blogs? I just don't see anything on my blog settings thing that says how to do that.

Bright and shiny

I have a feeling that our little brat is going to be like his old man, unfortunately. We were going through the store today and he was busily playing with his feet until we passed a big display of those metallic balloons, and all of a sudden his attention was strayed to the display like a fly to... well you know what flies like, so why say it. I wouldn't be so worried, except, when we are changing him and he doesn't want to be particularly cooperative, we pull out what we have dubbed "the shiny." It flashes multi-colored bright lights and is small enough for him to hold. It also pacifies him in wonderment until we are done. He also will sit, for hours just staring at the flashing lights on his swing (if one of us remembers to turn it on) and will just sit there, open mouthed and staring. Now I'm not saying his mind is lacking or that there is anything wrong with him, but he is turning out to be like his daddy in being easily distracted by bright and shiny objects, like, say, the TV, or fireworks, or tinsel. Poor, poor, little E.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Joining the trend

Well, here it is. My own personal blog. hmmm. Feels less substantial and fulfilling than I thought it would. Just to let you know, this blog will basically be me complaining and just pretty generally me. I may even throw in a pic or 2 from time to time. So, enjoy all ye who dare to enter.